Thursday, July 3, 2008


After a month or two of debate of what to do with a spot in our back yard where grass wouldn't grow, we decided to put in a small water feature. The digging started three hot days ago and we finished the project today. It looks much better in real life.

My brother Dan did most of the hard work with a little help from my Dad. Once everything was dug out and all the dirt and rocks were moved into place, I had the fun job of picking out the tree and plant life to go around the pond (with Dan and Megan's help).

After we finished planting and moving everything into place, the only thing left to do was give it a name. Since we built the water feature over the spot that we buried my dogs Tommy and Thurman early last year, I thought it was appropriate to name it after them...T-N-T (Get it? Clever huh?). Tomorrow we're going to the pet store to get some fish for the pond. My nieces are in town this weekend and are so excited, I told Ariana and Annika that they could pick out their own fish for the pond and name them.


Stacey Sargent said...

i love the name... T-N-T! Can i pick out a fish too?

WIKKY said...

That is so great. How fun to be able to pick out fish and all!!! I can just picture you guys out there, reading a book and enjoying the beautiful sound of running water. Great addition to the Adam's home!!!