Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Two Dogs

Most of you have your kids to brag about and post pictures of but since I don't have any kids, I'll show off my two dogs. I've had Raji (Boston Terrier) and Diesel (Miniature Pinscher) since they were puppies, they are both about one and a half years old now.

Raji and Diesel are awesome companions! Diesel is a little more independent, he likes exploring the back yard, supervising anything that goes on and doesn't really mind being by himself. Raji on the other hand, is always right by my side whenever I'm home unless we get the frisbee or big ball out, then her total focus in on playing. They both love going in the car, PetSmart and the park are favorite places to go. They are great with other dogs and people and will smother you with kisses if you let them. They both sleep in my bed at night and wake me up plenty to let me know when they don't have enough covers (yes, they have their own blankets) or if they need a belly scratch in the middle of the night.

Since they have been so good lately, they got to go to PetSmart and get new collars that match their leashes. The new collars are alright but they don't look as good as the leather ones they had so I'll probably end up switching the collars back. Diesel's Harley-Davidson spike collar makes him look way tougher anyway and the girl dogs dig him in it too.


PJ and Julie said...

such cute little doggies. I am sure Mike will be happy to hear that diesel gets all the ladies.

Stacey Sargent said...

i love that they have their own blankets. that is hilarious! they are sure cute!