Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blog Comment Poll

Hey everyone, I have a question about what is supposed to be done when someone leaves a comment on one of your blog posts. I put a poll at the bottom of this page to help me figure this out so just scroll down and select the answer you think is best (sample below).

When someone writes a comment on your post, do you respond by...

  • commenting on your own post and hope they check the comments again.
  • writing a comment on their most recent post.
  • not responding at all...it's just a comment page.
  • emailing or calling them.

Thanks yo!


Bree aka Breeza said...

Hey yo! I personally...comment on their most recent blog. I think that lets the other blogger know you got the message ya know?! I am a very reliable source! Miss ya!

PJ and Julie said...

I usually just don't make a comment at all...I know that is horrible! My friend has it set up somehow where she can reply to the comment and it sends it to me via email.

Tiffani Mills said...

I would reply to their most recent post too.