Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another 20 Things...

Another 20 things that you might or might not know about me.

  1. I have the best mom in the world, I could never repay her for all that she does for me. My dad is pretty alright too.
  2. I miss my Nana more and more every day. Sundays, holidays and family reunions just aren't the same without her.
  3. I watch Rachael Ray and The Price is Right every morning (Drew Carey...not as good as Bob Barker).
  4. I treat my dogs like they were my kids, they are very spoiled.
  5. I fell off the hood of a car going 40 M.P.H. down Millcreek Canyon.
  6. I went to the emergency room 4 times in 6 months when I was a teenager (including the incident above) I was and still am an accident waiting to happen.
  7. I was the Prom King in High School (yes, I'm living in the past).
  8. I'm related to "The Jets" (the 80's singing group).
  9. I have my own bowling ball.
  10. If I wasn't a fat guy in a wheelchair, I would try to be a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.
  11. I love Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies.
  12. I love reading my family and friends blogs but I don't like to update my own blog very much (as you can probably tell).
  13. I don't like talking on the phone, I'd much rather communicate thru email or on the Internet...I'm pretty anti-social these days.
  14. My two favorite days of the year are my nieces birthdays (October 15th and May 27th).
  15. I am a huge Utah Jazz fan.
  16. I'm a Utah football fan but I do root for BYU when they aren't playing the Utes (dang...that was hard to admit).
  17. I love the holidays but I can't stand Christmas music, it drives me crazy!
  18. The last time I drove a car was about 6 years ago.
  19. I spend most of my time during the day at my computer.
  20. I have reoccurring dreams of me in a Tuxedo but I'm always in different places and situations.

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